Our Team


Servio Garcia

You know you’ve arrived to a quality restaurant experience when you see Servio Garcia greeting you at the door. Servio is considered one of the city’s most friendly and respected front-of-the-house people. His smile and sense of hospitality lights up a room. You probably have seen him at Craigie On Main, Casablanca, Ten Tables, and Radius. Somehow Servio even found the time while working as General Manager of Casablanca to earn a certificate from Harvard University in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

With his 15 years of experience in the restaurant industry, Servio was ready to open his own place with his friend Keith Pooler in the kitchen. “We first met over late-night drinks at Casablanca, when Keith worked at Harvest,” explains Servio. “We found we shared a dream for owning our own place – and we shared a vision. And now we have it here with Bergamot.”

Neighborhood hospitality is the cornerstone of service at Bergamot. As Servio says, “this is a great neighborhood that appreciates restaurants; we are eager to become a part of the community here.” And the neighborhood has been quick to welcome Servio, Keith and the entire Bergamot team.

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Keith Pooler

Keith is the story of “local boy makes good.” A native of Gloucester, MA, he grew up appreciating the sea and its bounty. Childhood family dinners were a concert of togetherness — everyone cooked and contributed. There was an atmosphere of mutual appreciation and loving respect. Best of all, no one left any food on the plate! Keith’s grandfather had a garden where Keith toiled from planting to picking and everything in between. He also worked in his grandfather’s barn with its horses and chickens; a primer in animal husbandry.

From age 14 Keith has worked in restaurants, climbing the ranks and following his passion and talent to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY. While in school he completed stages in Union Square, Vong, and The Gotham Bar and Grill. Upon graduating at the head of his class, Keith joined The River Café in Brooklyn. He worked his way through each station and next headed to Lespinasse under Chef Gray Kunz. Then Keith returned to the Rick Laakonen team, opening the highly anticipated Ilo at the Bryant Park Hotel.